IoT Corporate Asset Management


Corporate Asset Management

In addition to the benefits asset management softwares provide, IoT-enabled asset management solutions add automation and intelligence to the system. IoT-enabled asset management solutions utilize IoT sensors, which allow companies to actively track specific information about their assets without any human involvement. These IoT sensors can be attached to assets instead of or along with more conventional asset tags (e.g. QR codes).
There are many types of sensors available, such as acceleration, temperature, humidity, pressure, and proximity sensors, which can be utilized for different use cases. The sensors are attached to assets in order to gather data, which is pushed to a cloud platform. This happens at a certain frequency (e.g. every 10 minutes) depending on the technology and settings used for the data transmission. The data is then analyzed and transformed into actionable insights about assets’ usage, location, environment, and condition, for example.
Solution includes: RFID Asset BLE Asset:Key Doc Asset

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