HID Products

Rain RFID Hard Tags

HID® Epoxy Tag RFID Tags

HID Global Epoxy Tag RFID transponders are constructed for optimal performance under harsh conditions. They are resistant to fuels, mineral oils, petroleum and salt mist. They repel moisture – even in high temperature, high pressure washes.

Each micro thin Epoxy Tag device has a smooth surface, which may be imprinted with customized visual codes or artwork. The Epoxy Tag Keyfob features a unique chip that optimizes NFC program security, utility, and ease-of-implementation when deployed with HID Trusted Tag® Services, a cloud-based authentication platform that adds a non-replicable identity to each interaction.

Key Features:

  • Durable - resists moisture, oils, petroleum; tolerates mechanical vibration and shock
  • Thermally Stable - withstands exposure to temperatures from -40° F to 284° F (-40° to 140° C)
  • Surface Printable - enables tags scannable by both RFID and visual ID readers

HID® IronTag® UHF Tags

IronTag® UHF transponders enable Industrial RFID metal asset tracking for equipment and components that are subject to severe conditions.

Originally designed for tracking aircraft parts, IronTag devices tolerate the harsh conditions of manufacturing and processing as well as vehicle and equipment operation. They handle extreme hot or cold temperatures, are waterproof, and withstand exposure to fuels, oils, salt water and ultraviolet light. The tags are resistant to pressure, vibration and steady flame for short periods.

Key Features:

  • Extreme Durability - waterproof, and resistant to flame, chemicals, vibration, shock and temperature fluctuations.
  • Exceptional Size-to-Performance Ratio - reliable read-write when mounted on metal objects from up to 13 ft (4 m).
  • Advanced Technology - Resists a permanent temperature of up to 400h or 428°F (220°C) for 1h

HID® Global’s UHF Brick Tag

The UHF models have a ceramic enclosure and are specifically designed to track small metal assets such as work tools, weapons, surgical instruments and other small metal assets. They survive prolonged use in demanding industrial environments, endure exposure to aggressive chemicals and reliably withstand repeated autoclave sterilization processes.

All the UHF Brick Tag models use the Alien Technology Higgs-3 chip. The UHF Brick Tag transponders are available in four sizes:

  • 10mm x 2.5mm x 2.5mm (Brick Tag 60)
  • 5mm x 5mm x 3mm (Brick Tag 75), 10mm x 5mm x 3mm (Brick Tag 150)
  • 10mm x 5mm x 3mm (Brick Tag 150)
  • 23mm x 9mm x 3mm (Brick Tag 600)

HID® Global - Tamper Evident RFID Tags

The new tamper evident Seal Tags are ideal to detect the integrity of highly sensitive equipment or storage. Tamper seals may be remotely detected through RFID, drastically reducing the inventory and integrity checks of large quantities of sealed items or assets.

Seal Tag edTamper is a passive contactless RAIN® UHF transponder. Visualizing the tag is not necessary to identify broken seals. The edTamper tags provide a digital notification if a sealed item has been compromised for instant notification during scanning of large quantities of items.

eTamper Coin is a passive contactless HF/NFC – V, transponder that stops working when the seal tag is broken or manipulated by permanently disabling the tag’s functionality. This feature ensures proper authentication of goods and improves tracking performance. Additionally, the eTamper Coin is NFC Type 5, compliant for interaction with NFC mobile devices and industrial readers. If application requires increased security, HID Trusted Tag® Services combines eTamper Coin tags, and cloud-based authentication to uniquely add trust to web or mobile applications.

HID® SlimFlex™ RFID Tags

These tracking tags are compliant with HF/NFC or EPC global certified UHF Class 1 Gen 2 readers and modules, and broadband capable for worldwide operations.

The RFID tags are waterproof and the housing provides high resistance to aggressive liquids, delivering reliable performance and reading stability across fluctuating temperatures. Custom color options are available. Tags can be embossed with a logo or message for branding, or laser engraved for enhanced visual identification or barcode application.

Available in:

  • Standard SlimFlex Tag attach snugly to round or irregular surfaces, such as cylindrical containers, plastic pipes, helmets or even trees. These tags conform to surface contours, and can be securely attached with cable ties, industrial adhesives, rivets or screws.
  • SlimFlex Laundry Tag withstands chemical exposure and high temperature. This small, flexible white strip can be discreetly sewn into the hem of clothing unnoticeable to users during everyday operations. SlimFlex Laundry tags enable automated sorting, inventory and accounting for commercial cleaners. For tracking of commercial linen, we recommend the HID LinTag™
  • SlimFlex Tag Washer has been designed with one reinforced hole to rivet it. This version is ideal whenever a SlimFlex tag shall be fixed with a single rivet to hang down from metal bars or be placed on a hook.

Key features:

  • Flexibility - bends to mount securely on rounded or irregular surfaces.
  • High Durability - resistant to outdoor elements, aggressive liquids, impact and torsion.
  • Enhanced Realibity - precise, consistent read ranges when mounted to plastic or wood.

HID® LinTag™ Textile Tags

HID Global LinTag™ transponders apply securely and discreetly to textiles, enabling RAIN® UHF RFID tracking of high-volume, commercially laundered bed linens, towels and garments.

Encased in highly durable cotton-polyester fabric, LinTag units allow inconspicuous RFID tag placement into textiles. LinTag Heat-seal units attach effortlessly via heat-seal processes. Extensions on LinTag Stitch units allow them to be directly stitched onto or seamed into fabric without the need for an extra pouch or cover. LinTag Embed units can be sewn into a small hem or pocket to accommodate existing processes.

Healthcare organizations rely on LinTag transponders to survive repeated cleaning and sterilization processes for bed linens, gowns and surgical supplies. Faster, more accurate tracking with RFID provides hospitals with more reliable audit trails to manage infection control procedures. Healthcare organizations are also tagging linens and gowns to monitor usage and inventories, automate distribution, and reduce shrinkage and staffing needs.

HID® In-Line Ultra UHF Metal Tag

The HID In-Line Ultra is a family of durable, long range, high performance, passive UHF RFID tags for outdoor asset management applications, especially those involving returnable assets and international movement.


  • Multiple mounting options (screw/bolt or weld)
  • Standard, slim or curve variants.
  • Rugged high impact housing
  • Global tag – meets EU, US & JPN specs.
  • Suitable for on-metal and off-metal attachment