What is BLE | How Does It Work?

Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth Beacons use low-energy technology their operating modes are compatible with Bluetooth® low-energy specifications to enhance location precision in dense industrial environments. They work with almost any type of Android or iOS mobile computer, smartphone, or custom device with a Bluetooth® low-energy radio

The Gateway
The Gateway is a device that scans for beacons in its range and sends data about their location, movement, and health to the cloud. The Gateway comes in two versions:

  • Hardware Gateway
  • Software Gateway

Location Engine
Location Engine is the tool that offers users access to data transmitted by the Gateway. It can show where specific beacons are located, how much time they have spent in range of a given Gateway, at what time they entered or left an area, and further information.

Location Engine can be accessed in two ways:

  • Through the Panel: where Gateway information is presented in clean diagrams, maps and tables.
  • Through the API: Provies raw data to be plugged into other platforms and used as defined by the solution provider.

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