What is Edge AI Solutions?

Bringing Edge AI from Vision to Reality

Edge AI means that AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms are processed locally on a hardware device. The algorithms are using data (sensor data or signals) that are created on the device. A device using Edge AI does not need to be connected in order to work properly, it can process data and take decisions independently without a connection.

In order to use Edge AI, you need a device comprising a microprocessor and sensors. Edge AI allows real time operations including data creation, decision and action where milliseconds matter. Real time operations is important for self-driving cars, robots and many other areas.

Benefits of Edge AI Solutions

  • Secured Banking Systems
    Secured banking systems can auto-detect abnormal spending, transactions triggered through various payment platforms locally or in other countries, and other unusual banking activities.
  • Logistics System Tracking
    AI-backed delivery logistics systems provide me tracking information and ensure that packages arrive at the right place, on time, and with full traceability throughout that journey.
  • Effective Traffic Control Systems
    With coordinated signal lights for traffic-flow efficiency, help commuters navigate alternate routes when traffic piles up, while predicting how much time it will take to get to the desired destination.
  • Greater Security
    Edge AI ensures greater security. Sending data back and forth with Internet-connected devices subjects data to tampering and exposure even without anyone being aware. Processing at the edge minimizes this risk, with an additional plus: Edge-based AI-powered devices can include enhanced security features.
  • Superior Customer Experience
    Edge AI provides for superior customer experiences. By enabling responsiveness through location-aware services, or rerouting travel plans in the event of delays, AI helps companies build trust and rapport with their customers.

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