IoT Workforce Automation

The challenges of aggregating reliable data and analysing it effectively to drive field service excellence can be made easier if all field service systems are integrated seamlessly across one platform, automating the field service workflow. Indeed, the more a system communicates throughout the process, the more tailored an experience that can be provided to the end customer.

So, if you have an end-to-end field service suite with a back office, telematics and workforce management solution set, integrating these with your technician’s mobile devices out in the field will offer innumerable benefits.

Automated workflows also help to avoid the unnecessary task of having to manually enter the same information, multiple times, into different systems and duplicating work. Field service organisations then have complete control over what information is gathered, in a reliable format and this minimises human intervention and touch points, increasing the reliability and consistency of information further.

Solutions include:

  • BLE RTLS People Tracking

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