RFID Supply Chain Track & Trace

The RFID and positioning system technologies are the key enablers for logistics supply chain visibility and tracking. While RFID is useful for inventory and material handling processes in warehouses, as soon as the RFID-tagged goods leave the warehouses, one often lose track of them until the next loading docks.

In-between the sending and receiving points, there is often no tracking of the cargo which may be at risk of missing, off-loading and delay especially if the cargo is critical or perishable. The positioning system such as GPS (Global Positioning System) is usually used to track the vehicle; however it only provides a geographical location without associating business process info.

The present research targets at a total solution architecture for seamless, global wide, track and trace system for logistics supply chain using an integrated RFID and positioning system technologies. The research involves development of a new solution for track and trace using both RFID and GPS, integrated information management models and web-based services. It can integrate RFID events with geographical location information and associate them with the cargo, so that the cargo can be seamlessly tracked and traced.

Suitable application:

  • Logistics Supply Chain
  • Warehouse Management

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