IoT Smart Retail Automation


Smart Retail Automation

Bringing innovative business models, smart shelves have already started working their way into the retail industry. Smart shelf systems contain three elements: an RFID tag, an RFID reader, and an antenna. Being placed on the goods, RFID tags have an integrated circuit and a microchip antenna that transmits data to the RFID reader. Information is collected from the RFID tags and sent to an IoT platform, where it’s stored and analyzed.
Smart shelves are suited to inventory management, that has been an expensive and tedious process for a long time. Now smart shelves can automatically monitor inventory and send managers alerts if a certain item is running low or its date will expire soon. Therefore, connected devices are crucial for avoiding oversupply, shortage of goods, and thefts in stores. By tracking inventory, they enable to reduce stress, remove operating mistakes, and save costs.
Solutions include: RFID Inventory RFID POS RFID/BLE Anti-Theft

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